Dual Purpose Battery Charger that Works

Dual Purpose Battery Charger that Works

Why write this post?

This is a supplementary to my earlier post about using Rechargeable Batteries only. We are speaking here about getting the accompanying battery charger, and why this post? Well you are going to get 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1. That should be enough to capture your imagination 🙂

Rechargeable Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries

The practical issue here however was:

  1. Now that I have 24 rechargeable batteries, spread across 7 devices with varying degree of usages, how do I ensure that when batteries are depleted, I can charge them with confidence that I don’t have to sit and wait
  2. Since I have both AA and AAA batteries across all those devices, I don’t necessarily want to have two charging stations
  3. Something portable and light weight that I can carry around in my travels
  4. Of course, something reliable at a good price point.

My Battery Charger purchasing decision

I was worried about having batteries plugged into wall adapters and the potential risk of explosion… totally unwarranted fear.  So, after spending a few minutes over a period of days reading Amazon reviews mainly, I ended up with these pictured above mainly because the charging station is the same brand as the batteries I purchased as well.  The price point was well positioned and it literally checked all the boxes I expressed above.

My thoughts

I am totally satisfied in this purchase. One thing I will point out, and this only affects me on my head phones really is that “You must have Two (2) batteries inserted or rather ‘batteries must be in pairs’ in order to charge”, so if you only have one (1) battery depleted, you will need to find some other battery even partially low to pair with it in order to have that battery charge. Notwithstanding that…

Some added bonus features I like about this charging station are:

  • There are LEDs in an amber color when the batteries are charging and green when they are fully charged

  • Having the battery in the charging station caddy attached and powered even after a full charge does not damage the battery, there is no heat, it seems it just stops charging

  • Its extremely light weight and the power cord is detachable

I hope you enjoy this post, please leave me some comments if you found this of interest. Thank you for your time.

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