Everyone should have a Voice Assistant PA like Amazon Echo

Everyone should have a Voice Assistant PA like Amazon Echo

Why write this post?

Voice Assistant technology is huge! Admittedly, this was not a problem I was trying to solve, I could have gone without purchasing an Amazon Echo but now that I have “Alexa” in my home, life has gotten a whole lot better.  Think I am exaggerating? Let me describe some of the ways things are now different:

  1. Need to research something? Just ask Alexa… “Who was the person that did [task/activity here]?”, “What’s the weather for the week?” , “When did this [event] happen?”, “Where is the [place] located?” , “Why is the sky blue?”, and of the how.. “How do you spell [insert word here]?” so you got your basic Who, What, When, Where, Why and How’s out of the way
  2. Need to play some tunes? No longer do you have to fiddle through your playlist across multiple medium. Use case… You may have Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Music, etc… All you have to do now is say “Alexa, play [this] from [that]” where This and That is your music and its location.
  3. Need to go to sleep to some music, and wake up at a certain time to an alarm.. Done… Just tell Alexa to do that for you and there are tons more example.

This post is mainly here to show you that the price point to entry is relatively low, it will ‘naturally’ integrate into your life seamlessly, and if you are in a situation like me where you want to encourage your child to exhaust their own research capabilities for homework before asking you for help, that’s the last vestibule of knowledge.

Echo Dot Black

The purchasing decision

While I may have gone the Amazon Echo way, that certainly is not the only option out there, you have choices here.  The top two vendors will of course will be

But you also have the new player in

I purchased the “Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black”, in fact, I purchased 5 of them two Christmas ago when they had specials on them. I gave away two as gifts and kept the other three, why tell you this? Well there is a feature called “Drop In” that allows you to just drop in on other devices and this comes in handy for when my kids and their grandparents want to talk to each other [my child does not have their own cell phone at this time], so in this way I am an enabler.  Notwithstanding that, I also have Amazon Prime and with that, I automatically get for FREE/Included Amazon Music which comes in handy when I want to have music streamed wherever I am i.e. you can have it done through the App on your mobile device or through the Amazon Echo device itself.

My thoughts

I will tell you that my life is a lot easier now, and that’s the idea… its what I tell people that I have conversation with and they present FUD arguments in the discussion.  I point out that I have less clicks, less places to go, less interruptions because I can just voice my needs now rather than opening a device to do it.  If I want total privacy, there is a mute button for that.

I hope you enjoy this post, please leave me some comments if you found this of interest. Want to learn more about Home Automation see my post here. Thank you for your time.

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